10 August 2017

Samini Lists The One Condition Under Which He Would Agree To Perform Jointly With Shatta Wale – Simple Challenge


These two heavyweights have been feuding for years and Ghanaians have only seen them together on stage once in over a decade.

Whilst things have been becoming less hostile between them recently – with Bola Ray playing ‘peacemaker’ – Samini has underlined one condition which Shatta Wale must satisfy if they are ever getting back together on stage again.

And given what we know about Shatta Wale, he might never agree to this stipulation.

“I am ready to perform with Shatta Wale but that will be when he is ready to face me with a live band performance for close to three hours.” said the veteran star.

According to him, artists who only mime are ‘frauds’ and are doomed not to break onto the international stage where live band ability is respected.

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