18 June 2017

Sam George hot after unsubstantiated allegation against US Embassy

George, the member of parliament for Ningo Prampram, may have landed himself in trouble after he made unsubstantiated allegations against the US Accra embassy.

In a fiery Facebook post on Saturday, Sam George railed against what he called growing insecurity in the country – something he said was exemplified by unexplained deaths, robberies and contract killings.

To buttress his point, the MP claimed that the cancellation of a much-publicised trip to Ghana by boxing legend, Mayweather, was informed by insecurity in the country.

Sam George claimed that the US Accra embassy warned Mayweather to stay clear of Ghana because it was not safe to come. He went on to call for urgent prayers for Ghana to, according to him, reverse the security decline.

But in a response to Accra-based Class FM, the US Accra embassy denied Sam George’s claim that it had asked Mayweather to stay clear of Ghana’s-embassy.

The officer in charge of media affairs at the embassy, Sara Stealy, stressed that nothing like that had happened.

The embassy’s response appears to have compelled Sam George to delete the post from Facebook, as it was no longer accessible at the time of reporting.

Contrary to the MP’s claim, YEN understands that Mayweather cancelled his Ghana trip because he wanted to prepare for his upcoming bout against Mcgregor in August.

The boxing star has already announced that he will come to Ghana in September after the multi-million dollar bout with Mcgregor.


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