06 July 2017

Sad Story Of 22 Year Old Farmer Whose Wife Gave Birth To Quadruplets But Can’t Take Care Of Them And Is Threatening Suicide



A 22 year old farmer and his wife have become parents to quadruplets, safely delivered at the Worawora Government Hospital at Jasikan in the Volta Region.

19 year old Amina Razak delivered the four girls successfully after undergoing cesarean section.

However, it seems catering for four children would be out of the reach of Amadu Razak, who is just a simple farmer.

He spoke to Adomonline and near tears, begged for support to help him take care of his children.

He said he might even kill himself if no support arrives to help him fulfil his duties to his children.

Amadu is thus calling for support from government or philanthropists to help him cater for the needs of the four girls.


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