05 July 2017

Rob Kardashian Has Leaked Tons Of Black Chyna Nudes Online


Robert Arthur Kardashian, a brother to the Kardashians has again resulted in making public his private life matters online. This time around it’s a bombshell of Black Chyna’s n*des.

Robbert claims to have been disrespected by his baby’s Moma – Blacc Chyna, whom he has revealed is highly cheating on him in a house he bought for her.

He is more worried and devasted because he has seen the man who is bonking Chyna lying so cool in a bed meant for Dream – the daughter he has with Chyna.

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Pathetically, in the last two months, he spent close to $1m on Chyna to acquire her luxuries like cars and jewelry. As if it’s not enough, this new guy bonking Chyna has attempted blackmailing the Tv Reality Star.

He narrated every piece of everything on his Instagram page claiming that Chyna is on drugs and he won’t let her see their daughter again until she gets helps. Robbert’s complaints came with series of Chyna’s n*des with a caption detailing the crisis.


GhanaCelebrities.com being your favorite family friendly website can’t post the n*de photos here but you can  visit Rob Kardashian’s Instagram page for more details of the drama – See one below

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