30 June 2017

Riot police use tear gas to break up brutal fight between two sets of warring supporters at football match in Brazil

VIOLENCE erupted at a football match in Brazil as two sets of supporters clashed in sickening scenes of violence.

Riot police were called upon to separate the brawling fans, who finally dispersed when tear gas was thrown into the stands.

Fans clashed during Vila Nova’s 2-0 win over Goias
The shocking violence saw one man get attacked while he was motionless on the floor

The altercation took place after Vila Nova’s 2-0 win over Goias in a restricted area of the Stadio Serra Dourada.

Fans punched and kicked one another and also threw objects before officers arrived at the scene with batons and riot shields.

While tear gas grenades exploded at the fighters’ feet, they rushed to safety and some were pulled up to the next tier.

But while some ran away, others continued fighting and a supporter can be seen laid on the floor motionless and getting kicked while he is defenseless on the ground.

Brazilian media are reporting that the fan who suffered head injuries went to hospital according to the fire department, but the health unit said there is no record of patient entry.

A complaint has been submitted after the lack of security in the restricted area of the stadium.

Riot police were called upon to diffuse the violence

When tear gas was thrown fans seeked refuge

Vila Nova took the lead inside the first minute through Alan Mineiro who then netted his second six minutes before the break to clinch the win for his side.

Vila Nova remain in the top four of the second tier of Brazilian football, while Goias are in tenth place.

Goas will go up against league-leaders Juventude next, while Vila Nova will host Criciuma next time out.

Violence last erupted in a Brazilian football back in March when fight happened between players and supporters as Gama took on Brasiliense.

Fans punched and kicked each other while objects were thrown
Some attackers were undeterred by the tear gas
Fans dispersed after the tear gas exploded
Two sets of fans stood up to one another after the match
There are mixed reports over whether or not the fan on the floor went to hospital
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