06 July 2017

Rich kids of Russia strip off in Jacuzzis, party on private jets and post pictures of gold-plated GUNS

THE rich kids of Russia are taking Instagram by storm with their lavish lifestyles.

Russia’s loaded oligarchs have spawned a new generation of super-rich youngsters who love to show off how they splurge their families’ fortunes.


Life’s a beach. Many of the contributors seem to be on a constant holiday[/caption]


No bum notes here. The rich kids seem to constantly be living the high life[/caption]

The account also promotes accessories and license plates that can be bought by the Russian millionaires and then gold-plated


The minted mini-garchs feature on an Instagram account where they share snaps of their luxury holidays, super cars and designer goods.

While must Russians struggle to cope with the country’s ailing economy, these youngsters are not afraid to flaunt their champagne-fuelled, jet setting lifestyles.

The Russian Rich Kids account already has nearly half a million followers and one image even shows how the mega rich even gold-plate their guns.

Elsewhere, the well-off web users flaunt their jet-setting ways with snaps of private jets, Ferraris, and Bentley limos.

And others chose to flaunt their endless partying with photos of Armand De Brignac champagne (otherwise known as Ace of Spades) served in a golden bottle at £500 for a magnum.

The oligarch kids always travel in style, driving luxury cars and taking private planes



The youngsters are not afraid to flaunt their champagne-fuelled, jet setting lifestyles[/caption]


Alright for some. One of the rich kids shows of her figure as she takes a dip in an azure pool[/caption]


The loaded youngsters can be seen living it up on yachts and jets[/caption]


The Russian rich kids show off the sinister side of the country’s wealth to – with one of the contributors sharing a snap showing Dubai car registration plates and a gold Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The account was originally started to mock the extravagant lifestyles of the “Reds-to-riches” generation.

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It has since been adopted by many who don’t see the irony in showing off their lavish spending – but some followers aren’t impressed with the luxury lifestyle.

One such user said: “I don’t want to write the obvious out there, but it is a shame that these guys cannot buy a new brain for themselves.”


The rich kids loves to flaunt their various holidays and exotic trips[/caption]


It seems that many of the rich kids spend a lot of time abroad and on holiday judging by their photos[/caption]


The finer things. It’s easy to be envious of the rich kids’ lifestyles[/caption]


Many of the photos feature yachts and luxury motors[/caption]


If these snaps are making you feel jealous, they’ve got nothing on the Rich Kids of Dubai – who enjoy summer all year round.

While these insanely pampered teens were escaping the gloomy weather here in Blighty and jetting off on holiday in MARCH.

Rich Kid of Instagram uses a PUPPY to ‘wash’ the bonnet of his car


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