13 August 2017

Residents of Krachi-Nchumuru District cry over bad roads

Residents of Krachi-Nchumuru District of the Volta Region are worried they have been cut off from the rest of the country because of their bad road network.

Krachi-Nchumuru is the hub of yam cultivation and food crops but not a single road in the district is tarred making it difficult for farmers in the area to cart their foodstuffs to the market centre, Boafiri.

Foodstuffs including yam, cassava are all getting rotten because they cannot be cart to market centres and to Accra.

From the district capital Chinderi to other towns including Wrenja Kaliako, Beposo, Boafri and Anyinamae are not accessible.

Sick people have to be carried on the back to places where the roads are a little bit okay to take a vehicle to Borae or Krachi to seek medical care. Others have to travel on the Volta Lake to Krachi which takes long hours.

The residents are blaming their leaders for the bad state of the road because they did not do anything to help to put the road in good shape.

They cited the former Member of Parliament for Krachi, Francis Yaw Osei Sarfo who was a District Chief for the area for four years and became an MP for 12 years.

They urged the sitting MP, John Majisi to help lobby so the road is constructed for them.

A native of the area Freda Angyisen Kokor in an interview revealed that life has become very difficult for the people because of the nature of the roads.

“I want to go home but I can’t go because the roads are in a bad state even tricycle cannot even go to the place,” she revealed.

Richard Kameasen a resident of the area said,”We need government intervention. This not about politics. This is a serious problem. Sick people are dying and healthy people are getting sick and tired,” Mr. Kameasen disclosed.

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