06 August 2017

Residents of Kofikrom use makeshift structures for rooms

Joy News has learnt that the astronomical cost of housing continues to pose a challenge to many Ghanaians.

In Joy News Agenda today, Maxwell Agbagba observed that many people are finding diverse ways to minimize their spending on housing as there cannot afford to pay rents to secure a room or an apartment.

Many residents in Kofikrom, a sprawling community in Accra live in makeshift structures with polythene bags as roofs.

Residents there said they do not have to worry about paying any rent charges as the onetime purchase of their little wooden structures caters for their shelter needs.

One of the residents, Stephen Aryee  told Maxwell Agbagba his salary of GH₵400 cannot pay rent.

According to him, he made efforts to get a place to lay his head but the amounts mentioned to him as rent charges were too expensive. He could not even afford to rent a place for 2000.00 cedis for a period of three years.

Stephen Aryee explained that with the expenses he makes everyday, it will be difficult for him to pay GH₵2000 as rent. He however finds it affordable at Kofikrom where pays little or no money for a place to lay his head.




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