29 March 2016

Renew Trust in God, Apostle Antwi urges Ghanaians

90Apostle Joseph Kwabena Antwi, the immediate past Chairman of the Great Commission Church International (GCCI) Ghana, has urged Ghanaians to renew their trust in God.

He said currently nations throughout the world were going through challenging times, and that Ghana was no exception, “but the only way out is to renew our trust in God.”

Apostle Antwi made the appeal in his sermon delivered at Ashaley Boctwe near Accra, during the GCCI 2016 National Easter Convention.

The four-day convention, which coincided with the GCCI silver jubilee celebration, was on the theme: “Celebrating 25 Years of Advancing the Great Commission: That I May Know Him.”

It was attended by all branches of the church throughout the country.

Apostle Antwi said Easter was a time Christians remembered the sacrifice of Jesus Christ; and that “one thing which has made the state of Israel very strong and powerful is God’s word and their trust in it”.

He said Easter was a time of sacrifice and people who learnt how to sacrifice either for their families, communities, or nation were strong people who could achieve great things.

“If we, as a people, will not see our personal benefits or our personal profit as the most essential thing but will focus on the bigger issue for the national good, especially in this election year, I believe that Ghana will be on course to becoming the greatest nation in Africa and the world,” Apostle Antwi said.

He said: “It is has become very apparent that a lot of believers are running helter-skelter looking for solutions to life’s problems outside the walls of the church; sometimes they go to questionable places.

“But one assurance we get definitely from the scripture is that God has made ample provisions in his word for us to have solutions to life’s problems.”

Apostle Antwi said through the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, Christians had access to God’s unlimited spiritual resources to help them deal with problems of any kind; whether marital, domestic, financial, relationship, social, or spiritual.

“So we should take heart. We should trust in Him, and He will handle this. He will give us everything that we need to solve life’s problems,” he said.


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