18 October 2016

Rawlings dares Henry Lartey to subject himself to a juju test

rawlingsSome people – who are not in the opposition parties – paid the flag bearer of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) to “vilify me” in connection with the $5m gift controversy involving late Nigerian President Sani Abacha, former President Jerry John Rawlings has said, and dared his accuser to subject himself to a juju test.

Speaking with some Queenmothers including Mamaga Noviode of Sogakope (Leader), Nana Akyembaku Mansa from the Central Region, Nana Ama Serwaa from Ashanti, Nana Akua Gyasiwaa from Eastern, Mamaga Maamele from Klikor in the Volta Region and Abesewaahemaa Nana Afia Gyamaa Pinsan, who paid a call on him at his in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Rawlings said he had prior knowledge of Mr Lartey’s planned attacks on him in connection with the alleged monetary gift.

“About three days before his drama, I got information that he was going to be financially rewarded for what he did and incidentally he was instigated not by people in the opposition.

“Why are people worried about the level of integrity we’ve tried to maintain? We say we are Christians; we swear on the Bible, Muslims on the Qu’ran; I’d like to invite people like him (Lartey) that we go traditional as well. That we invite the white man’s technology (lie detector) to also come and verify the truthfulness, the integrity of my word. And for him to be simply asked who paid him to do what he did?” Flt Lt Rawlings urged.

In July this year, Dr Lartey threatened to drag Mr Rawlings before the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to test his self-acclaimed incorruptibility, saying the former military ruler lied to Ghanaians and Africa about some monies he received from some African leaders in the past.

Dr Lartey dared the former president to come clear on his comments during an interview with the Daily Graphic that he was not corrupt and his integrity was intact and unshakeable following allegations that he received some $2million from late Nigerian leader Sani Abacha.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Wednesday July 27, Dr Lartey dared the former President to make himself available to investigations, if, in fact, he was incorruptible as he claimed.

“…We will take JJ Rawlings to CHRAJ for him to come and account to Ghanaians. Probity and accountability; we want to hear from him, so founder, come and tell us, please come and tell us how clean you are. We want to [ask]: ‘Are you clean, JJ Rawlings?’ Read my lips – JJ Rawlings, are you clean? If you are, don’t let us go to CHRAJ; you yourself, go to CHRAJ and say: this is my situation. We asked questions and he says: ‘Posterity will judge me.’ No, we want to judge you now, not posterity…” Dr Lartey stated.

“How much did Gaddafi give him? We know he was close to Gaddafi. How much did Gaddafi give him that we are not aware of? Probity now, not posterity. We [GCPP] want to win this power and help Ghanaians. We want to stop corruption now with JJ Rawlings. He is the father of probity [and] accountability, so we will start from him. He has lied to us, he has lied to his family, he has lied to the whole Africa, we are disappointed and I am disappointed with him.”

Source: classfmonline.com

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