21 July 2017

Rashida Black Beauty: “What is Wrong With Me Showing My Vajayjay, Weren’t You All Born From a Pu$$y?”


Rashida the black beauty

It’s official, Rashida Black Beauty a.k.a Malafaka is high on some cheap weed.

Instead of her issuing a contrite apology for f**king up big time, Rashida is rather slamming Ghanaians for criticizing her for showing of her obviously smelly p***y.

Taking to her official Facebook page to react to the flaks she has received after releasing the disgusting video, the Berekum-bred chick said in a live video that she doesn’t understand the fuss surrounding her p0rn0 video.

“Don’t you all watch p0rn0?” she quizzed. “What at all is wrong with me showing my pu$$y… Weren’t you all born from a vajajay?… ”

Watch the shocking video below..

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