07 August 2017

Rashida Black Beauty Is Either A Witch Or Mentally Retarded – Says Prophet Kumchacha


Rashida the black beauty

Prophet Nicholas Osei of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, has branded the infamous Rashida Black Beauty as either a witch or mentally retarded.

Kumchacha described the recently leaked video of Rashida as an attempt by the girl to drag men down to hell with her due to her devilish nature.

He said if that wasn’t the case, then the other option is that the ‘Mala fakka’ girl is not right in the head.

A nekkid video of Rashida leaked a few weeks ago, showing her without clothes on, twerking and thrusting her genitals into a set up camera. Rashida has vehemently denied leaking the video, but Kumchacha is not buying it.

“Even married women are often shy while n*ked with their husband so it’s only a witch like Rashida Black Beauty who can leak her n*ked video to the entire world” Kumchacha told Kofi TV in an interview.

According to him, Rashida must surely be an agent of the devil seeking to draw men down to hell with her.

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