02 August 2017

Racist ‘kill Chinese’ graffiti appears in toilets

Racist graffiti found in a University of Sydney toilet.

RACIST “kill Chinese” graffiti and posters found in Australian universities are causing controversy on Chinese social media.

The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, The People’s Daily, today posted a photo of graffiti on its Facebook page, which said “kill Chinese” next to a swastika. It said the material was in a University of Sydney men’s toilet cubicle on the first day of semester.

It comes after racist posters written in Mandarin also appeared Monash and Melbourne universities last month. The text on those posters said Chinese people would be deported if they entered the buildings.

The Sydney graffiti appeared in two rest rooms, one located inside the International Students Lounge and another in the business school building, where many Chinese students gather.

The University of Sydney Union confirmed to The Australian that the graffiti was found on Monday and removed the same day.

Racist graffiti found in a University of Sydney toilet.

Racist graffiti found in a University of Sydney toilet.Source:Supplied

“The USU does not tolerate racism in any of its forms and we are working swiftly with campus security to ensure any and all remnants are removed,” the union said in a statement.

The previous racist posters drew a response from the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, who said the matter had “raised dissatisfaction” among Chinese students.

“The safety, dignity and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese students in Australia must be protected with concrete efforts,” he said.

The material was claimed by a group called the Antipodean Resistance, which bragged about the publicity the prank received in the media.

The group describes itself as an Australian National Socialist group that supports White Australia.

However, “being White is not enough”, its website says. The group also opposes “substance abuse, homosexuality and all other rotten, irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalist elites”.

Racist posters have been displayed at universities in Melbourne.

Racist posters have been displayed at universities in Melbourne.Source:Supplied

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