24 February 2017

Public, private sector dialogue in May


Mr Ernest Egyir (right) interacting with Dr Gideon Amenyedor and other dignitaries after the launch. Picture: EBOW HANSON

A private sector forum which aims to provide constructive feedback to the government has pledged its commitment to provide candid information to help the government formulate relevant policies to advance the cause of the private sector.

The Ghana Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Summit Forum wants to provide their version of the state of the Ghanaian economy to the government to inform their policies which are aimed at boosting the private sector.

Speaking at the launch of the second edition of Ghana CEOs Summit Forum and Awards in Accra yesterday, the CEO of the Margins Group, Mr Moses K. Baiden, said aligning policies properly between the government and the private sector would enhance growth in the economy.

He said the CEOs’ forum would serve as a platform for top CEOs in the country to share ideas, knowledge and experiences which would help young entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls businesses went through.

“If we can show what the top companies have done, they can act as role models for new companies,” he stated.

Launch of summit
The two-day event is slated for May 22 and 23, 2017 at the Kempinski Hotel.

The Vice Chairman of Vanguard Assurance Company, Dr Gideon Amenyedor, who launched the Ghana CEO Summit Forum and Awards, said the event, dubbed, “Digital Innovation Economy for Business Growth,” would enable global and local CEOs to integrate and interact with world-class subject experts to foster knowledge acquisition, learning, partnerships and synergies that could drive increased personal and organisational growth.

The Founder of the Ghana CEOs Summit, Mr Ernest Egyir, said the purpose of the summit was to bring together CEOs, business leaders, stakeholders, investors, service providers and regulators to discuss sectoral topics, major trends, opportunities, new projects, as well as challenges.

“This event will bring together about 500 CEO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs and government officials across the globe and provide the perfect forum for the business leaders within the emerging and developing markets to meet and carve out long-term partnerships to facilitate explosive growth within their respective regions,” he noted.

Mr Egyir explained that participants would benefit from social capital, intellectual capital and business capital which every CEO would need for business growth.

The event, which is in partnership with Deloitte Executive Institute, will bring to the table tremendous insights gained over the years of interaction with CEOs, CEO surveys and leadership experiences.

The forum will also see some CEOs receiving awards for demonstrating leadership evidenced by the completion of ambitious projects.

The awards will include the CEO of the Year, Growth Organisation of the Year, International Organisation of the Year, Female CEO of the Year and Expatriate CEO of the Year to be issued at a high-level Gala Dinner.


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