20 July 2016

Provide us with ‘dumsor’ timetable – CPA demands

Kofi CapitoThe Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has called on the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) to ensure that consumers were provided with a timetable on recent power outages in the country.

It said it was surprising that the utility companies even have planned maintenance announcements and therefore does not understand why there was no timetable for the erratic power supply in the country.The CPA therefore called on the PURC “to wake up from its slumber and demand with immediate effect a time table for the current load shedding and the time lines into which the load shedding will end from the service providers so as to enable consumers to plan and adjust to the situation.”

It said it appreciates the effort and measures government has committed to improve the challenges in the power sector and was aware of the recent purchase of crude to improve power generation in the country.

However, it said consumers have been left in darkness with no information as to the end of the predicament.

“It is the mandate of the PURC to see that timetable is provided during this unfortunate situation. We are also asking government to allow technocrats to speak on these matters instead of politicians. Consumers are not asking so much; all we seeking for are equity and fairness,” the statement said.

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