19 July 2016

Prostitutes Invade Dunkwa

prostitutesResidents of Dunkwa, a mining town in the Central region, are alarmed at the recent invasion of prostitutes in the area.

According to some residents, mostly parents, it has become common to find young girls between the ages of 17 and 25 at vantage points at night in the town soliciting for male clients.

“It’s so sad to see these innocent girls soliciting for sex and are not bothered about sexually transmitted diseases. Anytime you confront these young girls their reasons for engaging in prostitution is that there are no jobs, as a parent I would also appeal to government to create more jobs in this community to put an end to this disheartening situation our children find themselves in”, a parent narrated to Ultimate FM.

In an interview with the Dunkwa Police Commander, Dela Dzansi, he said his outfit is not aware of the new development in the area, but will investigate the matter.

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