18 June 2017

Prophet Oduro Gyebi predicts plane crash in September 14th

The month of September has been hinted to be a month of national grief and sorrow as the country is expected to witness accident that will claim lives and destroy properties.

The country is expected to record a plane crash that will take the lives of members aboard the plane.

This is the latest revelation by Prophet Oduro Gyebi, who says that the country led by renowned personalities and the media ought to observe the situation well.

He was emphatic that “there’s going to be a tragedy. The media and notable personalities should monitor events. There is going to be a plane crash in Ghana. One of the flights in September will be involved in a crash. It will be very tragic. The day is September 14th, expect a plane crash on September 14th. We need the mercies of the Lord.”

The self-acclaimed Man of God disclosed that God has revealed the nature of the destruction to him.

In the revelation, lots of people were seen crying and calling for help and the whole place was blood red as a result of the crash that he saw.

He added that at that point, “I began to weep and asked God why. Why will You make your children suffer this way. I saw people crying, others burning, others injured, people were helpless”

The renowned Prophet also stated that he saw buses burning and people getting burnt as a result. According to him, the plane crash the Lord showed him had devastating consequences.

Prophet Oduro Gyebi also prophesied about a repeat of June 3 flood and fire disaster that occurred in 2015.

He stated that there is an impending flood disaster that will result in the loss of hundreds of lives and cause destruction to properties, a situation that will be unprecedented in the country.

He declared that “An update of a prophetic word. You remember God through me revealed that there will be strong winds and thunder, today I bring the update. People should watch out. This is a prophetic update. I made this revelation 2 or 3 weeks ago. I saw thunder and strong winds accompanied by floods destroying properties and many drowning in the floods. Lives were lost”

The 2015 flood and fire disaster resulted in the loss of more than 150 lives and destroyed properties worth thousands of Cedis.

He is reported to have hinted that Ghanaian maestro Abedi Pele will be struck by illness that may lead to his death.

The renowned Prophet is also credited for prophesying correctly the victory of President Akufo-Addo in the 2016 general elections that saw the incumbent NPP met out a humiliating defeat to then governing Mahama-led NDC administration.

Prophet Gyebi also predicted a disaster at the Kintampo Waterfalls in the Brong Ahafo Region which has also come to pass. The tragedy at the Waterfalls resulted in the death of about 20 people who were mainly students.

He has asked Ghanaians to pray fervently to their Creator for His protection and divine interventio


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