30 June 2017

Premier League and Football League clubs to be asked to check their cladding following Grenfell Tower fire

ALL 92 English clubs in the Premier League and Football League will be asked to check their stadium for the cladding that caused the horrific Grenfell Tower fire.

Wembley and the Principality Stadium in Cardiff will also have to do the same checks in the wake of the tower block tragedy.

Wembley and 92 English clubs will be asked to check their cladding
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Trolls also spread fake rumours and appeals during the Grenfell Tower fire
The death count from the Grenfell Tower fire is now at 80
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The Sports Grounds Safety Authority will contact local authorities who have football, cricket, rugby union and rugby league clubs in their area will be contacted.

Ken Scott, chief inspector from the SGSA, told the Daily Mail: “We are aware of what happened at Grenfell Tower. We are following developments.

“We are aware that lots of football grounds have used cladding. We will be writing to each and to local authorities to make them aware of the situation.”

The death toll from the Grenfell Tower incident has reached 80, with police warning the total number killed may not be known for months.

Mr Scott insists football grounds are not at as much risk as tower blocks.

He added: “The difficulty will be striking the balance.

The Principality Stadium and Wembley will also be asked to do checks
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The Grenfell Tower has left devastation in its wake for many West London families
The Grenfell Tower has left devastation in its wake for many West London families

“It is important to note that there is no sleeping risk here, these are not residential dwellings.”

Mr Scott went on to say: “Venues attract a high level of supervision.

“They feature significant active and passive fire prevention systems including smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.”

It is feared the Grenfell Tower cladding is also installed in schools and hospitals and it could be part of stadiums.

But Mr Scott insists the cladding used at Grenfell Tower may be acceptable to use in football grounds.

He said: “There cannot be complacency — it may still cause a significant fire or alarm. What we will send out will be guidance, a gentle reminder.”

BBC Panorama: Grenfell Tower's cladding was cheaper and less fire-resistant

The chief inspector does not expect there to be an issue at Wembley, because cladding checks are part of the assessment when safety certificates are given.

He added: “We don’t wish to add to the burden that people already have.

“However, it may be that part of the fire safety checks — which are part of the annual reports carried out before safety certificates are given — feature checks on cladding and assurances that it is fit for purpose.”

Grenfell Tower block
Cladding used on the Grenfell Tower block could have been used across high-rise buildings in the UK
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Grenfell Tower...covered in ACB cladding
Police fear the damage caused by the inferno may be so great that some victims will never be identified
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