03 August 2017

Pranksters in Cardiff hacked into the city centre’s 30ft screen and flashed up offensive images

PRANKSTERS hacked into a city centre’s 30ft screen and flashed up offensive images.
One read: “Warning. This is a Shariah controlled zone.


The billboard also showed “Big Brother Is Watching You” sign from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984[/caption]

“No alcohol. No gambling. No porn.”
Another showed a cartoon of Donald Trump with a frog’s face.
Thousands of shoppers saw the bizarre scenes in Cardiff.

One tweeted of the hack: “As you can see, they had a little fun.”
An anonymous group later claimed to have hijacked the billboard.
Owners BlowUP Media unplugged the screen and it remained off yesterday.

Police are investigating.


One image was of Donald Trump who’s face had been replaced by  a frog[/caption]


Thousands of shoppers witnessed the bizarre scenes in Cardiff’s main shopping district[/caption]


The screen above the Superdrug store on Cardiff’s Queen Street was shut down by controllers BlowUP Media on Tuesday night and remained unplugged today[/caption]


A series of eight images, including one of a Swastika, appeared on the screen[/caption]

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