03 July 2017

Practice Premarital S*x Based On Your Religion – Jessica Opare Saforo


Jessica Opare Saforo

Efya Nokturnal, recently said ‘have s*x and be happy whether premarital or not‘. Whatever prompted Efya to make those comments out the blues is not known but the sultry singer talking about s*x is very usual for her.

However, based on our publication, Citi Fm’s Jessica Opare Saforo has expressed her unique opinion on premarital s*x using religion as the yardstick.

According to the Broadcast Journalist, premarital s*x can be practiced based on one’s religion.


Speaking on CFZ on GhOne Tv Jessica said “I think depending on what religion you ascribe to tells if it is either a big deal or not … about 70% of our population is Christian, I stand to be corrected and so, of course, a lot of people will frown on it but the question is, are people not having it?”

She continued “so this is my thing, do what your religion says you should, if your religion is against it don’t indulge but if you do indulge, protect yourself”.

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