28 September 2016

PPP reduced to platform of comedians and half-baked graduates – APC

APCHassan Ayariga’s All Peoples Congress (APC), is accusing the flagbearer of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom of reducing his party to a platform for comedians and half-baked graduates.

It states that Dr. Nduom is rather a joker and not Dr. Hassan Ayariga and therefore advised executives of the PPP, to be mindful of their comments about their leader [APC].

The latest banter follows comments by the General Secretary of the PPP that the leader of the APC is a joker over his recent attacks on Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom and the PPP.

APC’s General Secretary Razak Kojo Opoku who has not taken kindly to the denigrating comments of the Ayariga said “your leader Papa Kwesi Nduom is rather a Political Joker who seems to be very comfortable working with jokers such as Salinko for 2016 and Akua Donkor in 2012.

In fact your joker leader even gave a Tundra to Akua Donkor to campaign for him in the 2012 general election since birds of the same feathers flock together”

According to him, Dr. Hassan Ayariga has never been endorsed by Akua Donkor and Salinko but said Dr Nduom has reduced the PPP platforms to comedians and half-baked graduates.

“Tell your joker Leader Papa Kwesi Nduom that if becoming President of a Country is all about the creation of satellite businesses and providing mini jobs to people with under pay salary as it is been done by your joker leader then the following distinguish business magnates and personalities who had successfully created mega chain of jobs with better salary for their workers are over qualified and well positioned than your joker Nduom to become President of Ghana”


Source: ultimatefmonline.com

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