Port authorities urged to give support to fire departments

fireA former captain of the logos hope vessel, George Booth is advising port authorities around the world to provide the needed support to their fire departments so as to make them more vibrant in the discharge of their duties.

According to him, fire departments around the world are struggling to be recognized and supported by the general public who ignore them until they have a fire and then “these guys come in and rescue their lives.

Many firemen die risking their lives for other people, even for their properties.”

Taking some new recruits on the vessel through fire training at Tema Port with support from fire personnel from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), George Booth said port authorities must not neglect the wellbeing of their fire department.

He said it was unfortunate that some fire departments across the world struggle to be supported and recognized even though they play a crucial role to save lives and properties in the event of fire disasters.

He entreated port authorities to provide the needed training and equipment for fire personnel in order to prepare them mentally.

The Fire and Safety Manager at GPHA, Jimmy Nab-Daisie said the port authority takes fire and safety issues seriously and makes available the needed support they need to execute their task.

“We manage all manner of hazardous cargo within the port and all issues about safety fall within our bosom. As such if the management of the organization values the issue of safety automatically they need to uphold issues about safety for us to always be in a proper state to manage safety or any exigency that may come our way,” he said.

Source: eyeonport

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