Policeman fingered in rape scandal

The alleged rapist Corporal Edem Kelvin Samson

The alleged rapist Corporal Edem Kelvin Samson

The family of a 22-year-old girl allegedly raped by a Policeman is demanding utmost professionalism from investigators probing the matter as they demand justice for their daughter.

The incident which occurred on June 21, took place while the victim was returning from work around the University of Ghana Hospital.

An officer of the Ghana Police Service named as Cor

poral Edem Kelvin Samson with the Airport Police is accused of abducting and sexually violating the victim.

Starr FM’s Bernard Nasara Saibu reports that the family of the victim wants civil society groups, Human Rights activists and well-meaning religious bodies to lend them support to ensure that the officer who violated their daughter is punished.

The intern narrated that the Police officer had been bugging her to accept his offer for a relationship but turned him down on several occasions.

According to her, on her way back from work one evening, the Policeman with the help of a male friend dragged her into a vehicle and drove her to an apartment and sexually abused her on several occasions.

“He pushed me into the car and there was this guy with him who locked the door. I was screaming and hitting the window but…the way the glass is even if you are outside nobody would hear you because of how dark the car is.

“We got to the middle of the road and he dropped the other guy who was with him and said he would come and see him in the evening so they talk… so I was quiet till we got to the house and he asked me to come out so we talk… and he pulled me and took me to his room.”

She added that after she was dragged into the room by the officer, a tussle ensued between them. According to her, she slapped the officer twice in the process but she hit her head to a wall in the room and blacked out after she was hit by the officer.

The intern said she woke up to realize that the officer had had sex with her. She added that the officer later tied her hands against the bed and forcefully had sex with her again despite her objections.

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