12 July 2016

Police must apologise in their own interest – Yfm presenter

adaYFM presenter Princess Ada has rejected the police’s rendition of the case of her kidnap and rape which dominated media discussions for weeks last year.

She has demanded that the police apologise in their own interest because their claim is a “biggest black lie” which embarrasses the service.

Police believe they were led on a wild goose chase in April 2015, after pictures of the YFM presenter surfaced on social media showing her naked, terrified and sexually assaulted.

Conspirators suspected she had been acting porn. Other accounts said she tried to play the victim in order to win back her former boyfriend.

The police, however, concluded that the broadcaster’s account is difficult to believe because she is mentally unstable.

Her name was questioned as some said Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka is really Nana Akosua Appiah. Her nationality was disputed as the presenter with a Nigerian name and a Nigerian accent was believed to have been born in Akim Oda in the Eastern region.

According to the Police, Ada suffers from a bi-polar disorder and needs treatment before investigations can be concluded.

But speaking in an interview on The Pulse on Multi TV, the popular YFM presenter Princess Ada demanded that the police releases details of investigations into her alleged kidnapping.

Princess Ada insisted she was kidnapped but the police did not grant her a fair hearing.

“I was virtually raped. The police should come back to the public and probably apologise. It is not for me. It is for their own reputation. It is not for me,” she said.

Ada said she faintly remembered being in a room full of smoke. “I could see people around me I couldn’t really make out. I wasn’t in total control” she said but dismissed suggestions that she was high.

“I am not really somebody who smokes. I am not a smoke person”.

“The next thing I saw I was in a car moving from Takoradi to Accra…the next thing I was in the police station then I was in the hospital, then I was handcuffed.”

Ada said since the saga, she got the services of private investigators to get to the bottom of the matter. Her investigations showed she was a victim of sexual violence.

She rejected Police claims that she paid a hotel manager to use his facility to stage the story of rape and abduction.

Ada said she resigned her job following the advice of a psychologist to treat her bi-polar disorder.

“Doctors say I have a bi-polar disorder. It was my first time of hearing about it”.

She says she has been taken off medications completely now.

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