06 July 2017

Police call on nursing school authorities to conduct a head-count

The Asokwa Police have requested the authorities of the Nana Afua Serwaa Kobi Ampem Nursing Training School to conduct a census of all students on campus.

They believe there is a possibility that some students may be trapped under the bus which claimed a life after it fell into a valley on the Kuntenase-Abono road on Monday.

The tragedy happened when the nursing students were returning from a trip to the Lake Bosomtwe. Many students were injured and taken to the hospital at Kuntenase.

The administrator of the school said that some of the students were discharged immediately after treatment while others were admitted to the hospital.

“There was no head injury or scalp fracture,” he said and added that there was no need to panic as many wounds the victim sustained were minor.

He also added that “a lot of them are in stable condition”.

According to the Police Superintendent, James Annor, “we are yet to get a definite number to be able to know whether someone is trapped or not”.

He started lifting the bus to find the trapped people from the valley is a challenge.

“Once the bus has not been lifted, we will still have that suspicion” the superintendent added.

The head-count, he suggested, will give them the assurance they need as to whether someone is trapped or not.

However, he said the police will continue to do their job and make sure that the bus is lifted.

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