27 August 2017

Police arrest six security guards at Amazon warehouse after £250,000 worth of ‘high value’ electronic gear was swiped

Cops swooped to arrest security guards at an Amazon warehouse after £250,000 of electronic gear was swiped.

Six men aged 29 to 57 were quizzed over items missing from the sprawling depot’s “high value” area.

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Amazon said it was unable to comment due to the ongoing investigation[/caption]

The suspects, employed by a private security contractor, had been tasked with guarding goods including laptops and games consoles in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

A source said of gear vanishing: “It is feared to have been going on for about six months.”

Cars are understood to have been searched after Amazon alerted police.

ICTS Ltd, which employs the guards, said: “We are working with the authorities. It would be imprudent to comment at this time.”

Two of the men were held on suspicion of stealing and four over a suspected theft plot.

The depot has 1,000 workers, 4,500 more at Christmas, and runs sightseeing tours. Amazon would not comment.

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The alleged thefts were carried out over months in a complex operation[/caption]

The warehouse in Staffordshire offer a tour of the building to interested shoppers
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Amazon driver leaves an unwanted parcel when he poos in someone's front yard
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