06 July 2017

Poetry : Wake-Up Africa – Robert Dambo calls on African youth to rise up.

“Wake-up Africa”

I was in chains…
Brutalised in bloody stains….
My sister still suffer from the blood drain(s)….

My brothers suffering linger on from the pains….

Our mothers and fathers couldn’t withstand the canes…

The episodes seem insane…
I couldn’t walk but continuously jumped and hopped in pains from the revolving chains..

I was made to drench from the filthy sail(s)…

The fertility of the land is as a result of our remains…

They stole our gold
Took all our scrolls but left behind the bones of our perished souls in the whore-ship on our way to their home….

YES! We have been brainwashed and controlled….
Yet we still sing to the priases and songs of their pawn.

The time is now…
We are physically less free from bondage but…

Mentally do we remain in carnage.
The time to pick the flickering torch of total emacipation is NOW.

Let’s refuel our quest and commitment to UNITE.

Only in our UNITY can Africa STAND.
In unity can Africa trade.
In unity can Africa lead.

Boarderless must we become.
The battle of inter and intra cultural and religious supremacy must we detest.
Let’s break away from the battle of this trilogy, slavery, colonization and neo-colonization.

Break away from the shackles of enslavement.



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