30 June 2017

PHOTOS: Yaw Siki Spotted Preaching In Trotro


Former hiplife star turned evangelist, Yaw Siki, has been spotted in a trotro doing his job.

A couple of photos uploaded online by a social media user shows Siki preaching in a commercial vehicle, as he has been doing for a while now.

The former secular artiste turned to God a few years ago after he was involved in a car crash which he narrowly survived, but only after spending months in the hospital. After he recovered, Siki renounced his former life and became an evangelist.

Twitter user Snu Snu (@icet88) joined a trotro in which Siki was preaching in and took some shots.

“So I met Yaw Siki of “wope dodo” in the trotro today. Man of God now. Good at it too. Let God use you too beloved…” he captioned the shot.

Photos below…



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