25 August 2017

Photos: Stranded Ghanaians in Sierra Leone appeal for urgent evacuation

Some Ghanaian living in Sierra Leone are appealing for government support to help them return home.

The Ghanaian immigrants mainly fishermen who traveled to seek greener pastures are struggling to cope with the harsh conditions in the country.

Some of them living at Funkia Community, a suburb of Sierra Leone capital City Freetown who spoke to Adom TV News’ Nana Sefa said their conditions have worsened following the mudslide that claimed more than 400 lives with 600 people still missing.

Chief Fisherman who gave his name as Chief Kwesi complained of constant attacks by pirates on the sea and seize their outboard motors denying them their daily bread.

He also revealed that, a Ghanaian called Mike who tried struggling with the pirates was shot dead in his abdomen.

“I personally with my colleagues sent the bullet we found on the man took it to the Office of National Security in Sierra Leone but nothing was done about it. “We all know where these pirates live but the security agencies have refused to act”, Chief Fisherman Kwesi added.

He also bemoaned how they are made to pay huge sums of money for permit to operate on the sea whiles their Sierra Leonean counterparts enjoy all the freebies.

“We think this is very discriminatory, why will our own ECOWAS fellows treat us this bad?”, Chief Kwesi bemoaned.

Also, each Ghanaian canoe operator before he moves to sea everyday pays 50,000 Leones  after the huge some 1.2m Leones license but locals pay 20,000 Leones.

“We are not even given receipts the money”, he stressed.

Also, Director-General of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Eric Nana Agyemang-Prempeh who is in the country to support after government supported the people of Sierra Leone with over one million dollars worth of relief items and cash assured the Ghanaian community of prompt action.

He urged them to disassociate themselves from partisan politics in Sierra Leone as the country heads to general elections in March, 2018.

Coordinator for Office of National Security, Ismail ST Tarawali has assured the Ghanaian residents all their concerns will be addressed.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leone government officials say at least 480 bodies have been buried while rescue teams continue the grim work of extracting bodies from tonnes of debris with hopes of finding anyone alive fast fading.

The survivors have been relocated to temporary shelters while efforts are being made to permanently resettle them.

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