23 January 2017

PHOTOS: Someone Save That Outfit! Coco Austin Goes Out With The Family But Her Boobs Grab All The Attention


Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin possesses an impressive pair of boobs that generate such tremendous buzz everytime she’s seen.

But on a recent family vacation, Coco’s eye catching choice of outfit made her chest stand out that much more and ensured that no one was paying any attention to the legendary rapper or their adorable little girl, Chanel.

Coco’s choice of swimwear was a one piece bathing suit which could barely contain her ample chest. In very single photo it looked like she would suffer a nip slip in the next five seconds.

Coco, therefore, stars in all the photos taken of the vacation and noone even notices the other two.

Good lawd! This woman is capable of making a holy father sin!

Check out Coco starring in these vacation shots featuring her ample bosom.

coco1-Custom coco2-Custom coco3-Custom coco4-Custom coco5-Custom coco7-Custom

coco-austin-Custom coco-Custom ice-t-coco-child-Custom


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