08 July 2017

PHOTOS : Christabel Ekeh Shares Nak’d Pictures On Instagram

I’ve always wanted to write on how a number of female Ghanaian celebrities are continuously advertising and selling their bodies via social media all in the name of releasing promotional photos but for a reason, I had to stop.

However, a post by Christabel Ekeh got me shocked and surprised as she shared a picture via Instagram.

Of course, seated in a birthday suit, the actress has a “F*CK U” inscription at her back.

This has led many of her followers disappointed.

With a few suggesting her account has been hacked, others believe she posted it herself.

This is not the first time Christabel Ekeh has posted such a provocative image via her Instagram account.

Previously, she shared some bikini shots which caused uproar among her fans forcing her to delete all her pictures till the recent nude which remains the only image on her account now.

As you can see above, the photos have since been deleted but we got them here.

As of time of publication, Attempts to reach Christabel Ekeh had proven futile.

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