11 February 2017

Photos: Bimbilla turns ghost town after deadly clash


The Bimbilla township in the Northern region was deserted Friday after a previous day sporadic shootings claimed at least 10 lives

. It was occasioned by the enskinment of a chief in a protracted chieftaincy dispute.

Read also: Death toll in Bimbilla clashes reaches 10 Below are pictures of how the town looks like after the shooting incident.

Bimbila-14 Bimbila-13 Bimbila-12 Bimbila-11 Bimbila-10 Bimbila-5 Bimbila-6 Bimbila-7 Bimbila-8 Bimbila-9 Bimbila-4 Bimbila-3 Bimbila-2 Bimbila


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