30 August 2017

Photo: Meet SSNIT Former IT Head Dr Caleb Afaglo Chilling With His Sister, Beverly


Dr Caleb Afaglo, the bravest man in history who managed to secure jobs with a lot of the biggest companies in Ghana despite possessing fake degrees – from first degree all the way to PhD – has written himself into history with his incredible stunt.

Following the exposure of his scam, the Trust has let go of him but he’s stuck in our hearts forever for his bravery.

As we reported after the story broke – Caleb was divorced by his first wife after she discovered the story of his fake credentials.

He’s also a sibling to Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo, wife of erstwhile Praye member Choirmaster.

As we know in this day of social media – ‘pics or it didn’t happen.’

GC has secured a pic of Caleb posing with his sister.

Check it out…

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