05 September 2016

PHOTO: This lady wants to date Criss Waddle, tells Criss Waddle she doesn’t care to be his side-chick

12345678 Amanfuo Girls CEO, Criss Kwaku Waddle has disclosed that he was in town picking some one or two movements, and then this particular girl came closer to him. According to Criss Waddle, the girl said that she loves him and would love to date him.

Criss Waddle then disclosed that he told the girl he’s already taken but the lady won’t have any of those words. Well the lady replied Criss Waddle that she just doesn’t care whether he’s taken or not, she can even be his side-chick.

Criss Waddle later posted her photos on his Snapchat handle to confirm that he was indeed telling the truth.

Ahh well, girls and cars, smh


Source: thebigtriceonline.com

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