18 July 2017

PHOTO: Kumkum Bhagya appears in Class four exams

Kumkum Bhagya, controversial Indian telenovela aired on TV has made its way into Class four English Language examination questions set by the Yilo Krobo Municipal  Education Directorate.

Question 10 of the English Paper written on Monday July 17, 2017 and sighted by Kasapa News Eastern regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah, instructs the pupils to choose appropriate Conjunction ( A.and ,B.but ,C. So .D.Or ) to fill the question bellow.

“Kumkum Baagya is a popular watched TV series ………..I don’t watch.

The question has sparked controversy as some teachers believe the examiners shouldn’t have set question on Kumkum Bhagya TV program given that  there are more salient questions that should have been set.
A teacher who spoke under condition of anonymity said most questions set by the education directorate are irrelevant.

He said exams questions are supposed to be base on the  syllabi but most at times some irrelevant social issues which pupils are far connected to are asked .

Kasapa News has gathered that examination fees collected from the pupils in schools in the Yilo Krobo Municipality are paid to the District Education Directorate to set the third term promotional exams which is written by all pupils in the Municipality.

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PHOTO: Kumkum Bhagya appears in Class four exams” for 2 Comments

  1. Benson : said:

    The Directrate did not set the questions themself but rather they contracted an examination firm ‘ Center for Performance Mornitoring Add Evaluation ( CEPME) which set questions for basic schools across the country.
    Am at Aflao in the Ketu South Municipality and we have also writen the same exam yesterday.
    This contract setting of exam questions by private examination firms is causing more harm than good.

  2. Francis : said:

    I am not surprised my former district education office set such question for pupils to answer because the human resource personal over there is highly corrupt and incompetent like wise the exam officer this two men need to be transfer to save the municipal from collapsing. God help Yilo Krobo.