08 July 2017

Philip Hammond needs to realise he is a key figure in a Government fully ­committed to Brexit

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OUR Chancellor needs to realise he is not leading the Remain resistance — he is a key figure in a Government fully ­committed to Brexit. Theresa May must remind him.

Forging our own trade deals with the fast-growing major economies outside the EU’s customs union is crucial to our future prosperity. Philip Hammond plainly doesn’t believe that for a second.


Chancellor Philip Hammond only reluctantly accepts we will have to leave the single market and customs union[/caption]

His explosive remarks at the G20 show he only reluctantly accepts we will have to leave the single market and customs union and that his priority is to ensure nothing actually changes.

Indeed he wants a transition period which “replicates as much as possible the existing arrangements”.

He even welcomes the CBI’s lobbying for this transition to keep us IN the ­single market and customs union indefinitely. A child could see their real plan is to delay Brexit for all time.

For decades the CBI has been reliably wrong, not least over their desire to join the ruinous euro. But we do agree with them that the small minority of our firms who trade with the EU should face as little disruption as possible.

So The Sun is not against a transition in principle. But it is vital that by then our courts are sovereign and that we are out of the customs union, free to make independent trade deals. An entire Government department is in place to make this happen.

PA:Press Association

Theresa May must remind Hammond of the will of the British people[/caption]

And any transition MUST have a time limit. It will clearly be tough to fully extricate ourselves from a complex 46-year relationship by March 2019.

But any fudge after that which leaves us shackled to the EU for all time would be a disastrous and dangerous betrayal of the majority’s will.

Chancellor Philip Hammond says Brexit will not slow Britain down

Aid madness

HOW long can the Government insist there’s no money but give away unimaginable sums in foreign aid?

Theresa May says the latest £230million donation to Africa, including ­millions for flood insurance, will wean the continent off our cash. That’s a leap of logic lost on angry voters.

The foreign aid handout will help Third World countries insure residents against natural disasters

Foreign aid handout helps Third World countries insure residents against natural disasters[/caption]

The Tories are rightly focused on getting us back in the black without raising taxes and costing jobs, or borrowing yet more. But the justifiable penny-pinching is jettisoned when it comes to finding £13billion to give away each year.

The Sun is not against foreign aid. We know well that at least some of what we spend saves lives and addresses genuine needs in the Third World.

But what of the pensioners suffering in our social care system? Or patients facing longer and longer NHS waits?

Or council tenants at risk in tower blocks with fire safety standards stuck in the 1970s? That £230million could equip a thousand such buildings with modern sprinklers.

Some of these needs are a matter of life and death — just as much as those in Africa are.

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