13 July 2017

Petty crime increased in Tamale during Ramadan- Police

The Tamale Metro Police Commander Superintendent Dinam Zoiko has disclosed that petty crimes within the metropolis were on the ascendency during the Ramadan season.

He cited cases of motor theft and break-ins which occurred almost on a daily basis with the culprits, mostly teenagers.

The development was striking to him, especially when Tamale is a predominantly Muslim community with many of the residents observing the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslim calendar were believers pray for forgiveness of sins but whilst praying for forgiveness some of the residents had other ideas

According to Supt. Dinam Zoiko some of the suspects who were arrested said they wanted to make enough money to celebrate the breaking of the fast.

He made the comments when he received a donation of office equipment including, TV sets, furniture presented to the Lamaishigu Police Station by the National Investment Bank (NIB) UDS Branch.

He said the culprits attacked people in their homes and made away with lots of booties.  

The Metro Police Commander however said the rate at which these crimes were committed had reduced drastically since the end of the fast.

He said the general security after the Ramadan had improved and it was their hope that other heinous crimes like the lynching of alleged witches and wizards in metropolis will also drop.

Superintendent Zoiko said the police will be stern on the people who engage in these mob actions.

He said four people are currently in court for such crimes with about 11 others being processed for court.

The Risk Manager for NIB Rahman Gado said the donation was to support the police in its bit to control crime in the metropolis where they do business.

He said NIB has a history of supporting the police when the need arises, adding that this will not be the last time.

Mr Gado added the bank had the security of the state at heart and sees the importance to assist the police to enable them perform their core mandate which is to protect the citizenry, ensure peace and stability of the country. 

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