25 July 2016

Persons with disability in Kumasi root for Ivor Greenstreet

GreenstreetThe Kumasi branch of Ghana Society for Persons with Disability has declared support for the Convention People’s Party’s flagbearer, Kobina Ivor Greenstreet.

Members were particularly excited about his decision to meet with them as part of his tour of the Ashanti Region.

They are convinced Mr. Greenstreet has demonstrated concern and commitment to work to alleviate the plight of persons with disability in Ghana.

Branch Chairman, Francis Larry said the CPP is the first political party to engage the physically challenged though leaders of other parties had toured the region.

“For those who have come for the past three weeks, he is the only person who has called us to a meeting and we think when given the nod he will help us… I am a graduate teacher with no job,” he pointed out.

Mr. Larry believes CPP’s policies for persons with disability will impact positively on their lives.

The party is promising to pass a law to ensure five percent of available job opportunities is reserved for the disabled.

The CPP believes the move will help reduce financial difficulties the disabled face.

“We will pass a law to ensure that five percent of persons with disability will get access to employment whether in the private or public sector”, Mr. Greenstreet, himself physically challenged, promised.

He continued, “We shall ensure that they have access to free healthcare, free education from the kindergarten to the tertiary level and also free transportation.”

CPP says laws on disability will be implemented to the letter when it is voted into office.

Mr. Greenstreet wants Ghana to follow the example of the United States of America by voting him into power just as the Americans did Franklin Roosevelt in time of war.

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