02 July 2017

People can’t work out if this model is a real person or a Barbie doll

MOST girls play with their dolls and dream of having equally luscious long hair and an equally bright pink convertible.

But the majority of girls grow up to realise that looking like Barbie isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and dressing in that much pink should be reserved for Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods only.

But one model actually gets to live out every little girl’s fantasy as she looks remarkably like a Barbie doll.

Model Duckie Thot recently posted a picture on social media and people can’t work out if it’s a real person or a doll.

The stunning South Sudanese model uploaded the image of herself to Twitter and Instagram earlier this week with the caption “Ducks after dark”.

In the image the models flawless skin, perfect pout and long limbs led many to believe it was in fact a picture of the renowned doll.

One person replied saying: “Literally thought you were a Barbie.”

While another tweeted: “I really though that u were a barbie doll.”

Instagram @duckieofficial

People are suggesting that Duckie looks exactly like a real life Barbie[/caption]

Fans are now calling for Duckie to have her own Barbie doll and it appears she is all for the idea.

The model tweeted: “Yeah… we need a Duckie barbie doll. @Barbie what’s good??”

Duckie found fame entering Australia’s Next Top Model.


Fans are now saying the model should be given her own barbie doll[/caption]

During one episode of the show the model was asked to cornrow her own hair due to an inexperienced stylist.

Speaking about that incident she told Teen Vogue: “That experience definitely didn’t make me feel confident. I felt like a joke during that whole scene to be honest and, I felt like that many other times during the show.

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“So, I took quite a few blows as a 17-year-old girl — and it was hard to understand why.”

Meanwhile there are plenty of people who are desperate to replicate the looks of Barbie and are willing to do just about anything to get there.

Instagram @duckieofficial

Duckie rose to fame on Australia’s Next Top Model[/caption]

This woman spent £20k on plastic surgery – and even had lip op so she can NEVER frown.

There’s also Kerry Miles the real-life Barbie who spent £100,000 on cosmetic surgery to become a human doll.

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