28 July 2017

Pastors Have To Stop Organising Crusades And Preach Against N*de Photos Epidemic


Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer and verified s*x expert, Maurice Ampaw, has called for pastors to stop organising numerous crusades and instead deal with the epidemic of n*de leaks.

According to Ampaw, that is the solution to the problem of what’s happening with Rashida Black Beauty and Christabel Ekeh and the likes.

“Ghanaian pastors must stop the crusade and preach about the circulation of n*de pictures around the country. Today it is Ama, tomorrow, Efia and the next day it is Rashida. The Pastors must preach against this to restore the lost dignity of society” Ampaw recently said when he appeared on Nyansapo.

The country has been flooded with n*de photo and video releases in the past few weeks and Ampaw, evidently, is not too happy about that.

But why would pastors stop crusades when they can make $5,000 per head holding them?

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