22 August 2017

‘Pastor’ Majid Michel Goes N*de For Movie Role (See Photo)


Guess we now know why this born again ‘pastor’ maintained that he would act n*de roles if it advances the cause of the Kingdom of Christ.

In a new, soon to be released movie titled ‘Adam the Eve’, actor Majid Michel can be seen going semi n*de as Adam, lying with Eve, presumably in the garden of Eden.

The actor has played such roles in the past, but in recent times he has apparently turned a new leaf after giving his life to Christ.

The way he’s able to lecture so many people on social media about their morality presumed he will refrain from the ‘sins’ of his past but Michel is back doing his job.

Check the photo out below…think such roles are befitting of a ‘Man of God’ like Majid?



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