10 August 2017

Pastor Abruku Abruka Of ‘Solution Water’ Fame Is A ‘Shameless Charlatan’ – KSM


Kwaku Sintim-Misa

Pastor Abruku Abruka is a ‘shameless charlatan’ and his solution water is bogus, KSM angrily declares, noting it’s only in Ghana that someone like him can get the free rein to peddle the lies he does.

The satirist took to social media to pillory the preacher in a rant against the rampant lawlessness running over our country, which he calls ‘the land of the free’.

As you might recall, Abruku Abruka and his ‘solution water’ became popular a few years ago due to an ad which advertised the potency of the solution.

It could allegedly solve every single problem you have, including debts.

KSM railed against having such a preacher defraud others freely, and brought up other instances of indiscipline which is tolerated in the country.

According to the comedian, the U.S.A believes they are the land of the free but Ghana is the real land of the free.

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