19 July 2017

Parliamentary staff stranded following closure of Job 600 building

Parliamentary staff working in the Job 600 Office complex are stranded currently following last night’s fire which gutted part of the 10th floor of the 12-storey facility.

The edifice has been shut down Wednesday following the development.

Some of the staff who spoke to this website said they were instructed to stay outside while investigations are carried out into the incident.

“We are actually waiting for them to give us the go ahead to go to our offices. We came to work like 8:00 am. We actually hope that they will ask us to go the office so that we can try and do with the little we can do before the day ends other than that we’ll have today’s work to do tomorrow plus tomorrow’s work, one of the stranded workers told newsmen.

The leadership of parliament decided to shut down the facility after a meeting with  the fire service over the fire outbreak.

The 10th floor which was gutted is currently being audited by the fire service.

No report has so far been released on the incident yet, but firemen believe it could be an electrical fault.

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