22 June 2016

Parl. Clears Immigration Officers To Use Guns

The Board of the Ghana Immigrati<div class='adsense adsense-midtext' style='text-align:right;margin:12px'><p class=
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Officials of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) have been authorised to use firearms following an act of parliament.

This was revealed by Deputy Minister for the Interior James Agalga at a forum in the Central Region on Monday, June 20.

“We recently passed some legislation which now allows the Ghana Immigration Service to possess firearms and particularly the Border Patrol Unit of the service is now allowed to carry firearms at the various border crossings,” he disclosed.

Mr Agalga was hopeful that the new law would help border security to carry out their duties effectively. He noted that the complex nature of smuggling activities required adequately kitting border official to rise to the challenge.

“Hitherto, the Ghana Immigration Service was not allowed to carry firearms so the Border Patrol Units police our borders literally with their bare hands, so government found it very necessary and compelling to pass the legislation,” he added.

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