09 July 2017

Pantang Hospital workers on war path over encroachment; declare strike, Monday

Workers of the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital are beginning series of industrial actions in protest over the takeover of their lands by private developers.

As part of the actions they will withdraw services to mental health patients and stay away from the facility until government takes action on their concerns.

According to the Head of Staff at the hospital, Elvis Akuamoah is the rapid degradation of the land at the precincts of the hospital.

He alleged most of their lands have been taken over by developers who have put up permanent structures.

There are also cases of thefts in the hospital by outsiders, he alleged.

He said the presence of the developers pose a security risk to the patients and officials of the hospital.

Despite several attempts by management to find a resolution, nothing has been achieved thus far, he lamented.

“In our observations, none of the major hospitals such as 37, and Korle bu share boundaries with residential facilities and businesses.

“We have therefore resolved as follows; staff of the hospital will start a sit-down strike on Monday July 10, 2017 and follow it with a halt of the operations of the hospital on Wednesday July 12, 2017 and hit the streets if no action has been taken to address the situation and continue to stay away from the hospital until the situation is addressed,” he warned.

The hospital is home to over 2000 patients, staff and other hospital workers.

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