11 July 2017

Pantang Hospital staff continues strike despite calls from authorities

Staff of Pantang Mental Hospital have declined calls from officials of the mental health authority to defer their sit down strike action scheduled for July 10.

According to them, they are giving government and authorities till Wednesday to stop encroachers who have started constructing on the hospital’s lands else they will hold a demonstration topped up with a strike action.

Workers of the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital had earlier warned the Authorities and patrons of the hospital that they would embark on a sit down strike to express their displeasure at the rate at which people are encroaching on the hospital premises.Staff of the Hospital met with officials from the Mental health Authority, Headed by its CEO Akwasi Osei who indicated to the staff that they were very much aware of the encroachers and had written several letters and had several meetings with the Lands Commission and officials from the Ghana Health Authority.

According to the CEO, his outfit went to the extent of working with formal chief of staff in the erstwhile Mahama Administration to resolve the issue but the change in government halted the process. He however revealed that they are in talks with their lawyers to appeal a court decision which stated that the land in front of the hospital was not part of the 300 acres of land belonging to the hospital.

“We think the court erred in its ruling. So we are going to appeal the decision. We are still in talks with our lawyers to know the way forward,” he said.

He added that the Pantang Mental hospital has the probability of being the Headquarters of Mental Health care in Ghana since it was in the plans of Ghana’s first president that it becomes the biggest mental healthcare facility in West Africa so there was no way they are going to remain calm and let people encroach lands they can use in building Children/Adolescent psychiatric Ward and Psychiatric ward for the aged.

By: Nana Kwabena Agyare

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