07 August 2017

Operation Vanguard in first major clash with illegal miners; one dead

The anti-illegal mining task force commissioned last week on Sunday evening clashed with illegal miners in the Ashanti Region, leaving one illegal miner dead.

Public Relations Officer of Operation Vanguard –  the combined team of military and police personnel tasked with stamping out illegal mining activities in the country – Major Gariba Pabi said around 17:00 GMT personnel from the Ashanti Region on patrol met stone-pelting illegal miners at Wawasi, a community in Obuasi.

He said as the task force moved on the illegal miners they fired a gun at the personnel, and in a bid to protect themselves, the team fired back to disperse the agitated illegal miners.

After the illegal miners had escaped, the task force found that one of the illegal miners had been shot, Major Pabi said.

The injured illegal miner was given first aid and sent to the hospital but was later pronounced dead by doctors.

“We didn’t intend to start this operation with blood. No that is not why we are here. We are here to ensure that illegal mining is stopped and our environment is protected,” said Major Pabi.

More soon.

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