11 July 2017

Okess anniversary day of shame -Okess old student writes

But for my unsurprised disappointment in the management of Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School (OKESS), I write to condemn the flimsy decision made by the Headmistress of the School for chasing Old Students (who committed no crime) out of the School premise and even some part of Tafo Compound with Policemen during the 80th Anniversary Homecoming cerebration.

I’m not surprise this happened because in 2012, during the 75th Anniversary, the Old Students faced same unfair treatment except that this time there were Policemen involvement. I vividly also recall how the 2012 final years were mercilessly and brutally beaten by Soldiers when they demanded for final year ‘Jams’ instead of ‘Video Show’ for their last Saturday Entertainment in the School. I’m tempted to believe that OKESS has no respect or value for it’s Old Students.

If nothing at all, no one loves OKESS more than the Old Students. The School belongs to the Old Students and not the staff neither the administrators. My eyes are filled with tears, and my heart filled with sorrow, as I reflect on some of the scenes I witnessed when the Policemen sheepishly and unapologetically beat some old students and handcuffed them just because they were instructed by the headmistress, Mrs. Mary Cromwell Owusu.
In as much as I believe that the headmistress had the right to sack the old students from the school’s premises when it was 6pm, I still hold the candid opinion that, she could have done that in a calm and respectful manner. We are humans and if she had spoken to us respectively, I think none of the old students would have been adamant taking her age into consideration. She could give birth to many of those old students who were present and they wouldn’t want to disobey her so why that harsh and diabolic decision. If nothing at all, none of the old students were engaging in anything bad at the premise or with the current students. What is the crime in old students heeding to the School’s call for Home coming and sharing their joy by chatting with their colleagues whom they have missed for years after completion?
I wonder, if the headmistress and the Policemen thought about the consequence of beating Old students for no crime committed? What if there was a stampede at the entrance in our attempt to escape? Need I remind the mistress the Accra Sport Stadium disaster which occurred on May 9, 2001 and took the lives of 127 people, making it the worst stadium disaster to have ever taken place in Ghana and Africa at large. This was caused by Police who fired tear gas into the crowd, resulting in the lost of life of great and passionate sports men and women. Do we need to always result to violent means of dispersing crowd? With all due respect, Mrs. Madam Cromwell should remember that OKESS is the first Senior Secondary School in Ashanti Region and it is different from the Ashinakrom SHS she came from. OKESS Old Students toiled so much to see it reach it’s current development peak. We the youthful Old Students are those who will be replacing those in service now and hence we need respect too. We love you and we deserve to be loved too.
I am writing this article for the love of my alma mata and country. I wish to urge the OKESS Old Students Association to wake up from their long slumber and put the headmistress to order. We demand an apology from her. We can’t fathom why somebody should travel all the way from Wa, Bolgatanta, Volta and other far places to Kumasi for ‘Home coming’ only to receive beatings from Police as a reward. If I may ask, what crime did we commit to deserve this treatment? If we the Old Students that were present that time were Sons and Daughters of the Headmistress, would she ordered the Police to beat us sheepishly instead of speaking calmly to us to go to our various houses?
I dare Mrs. Cromwell to deny that she told only few people there to vacate the premise when it was 6pm. How about the majority that didn’t hear her saying.

The Executives of the Old Students Association should prove to us that they are equally able like their colleague executives of other Senior High Schools who can seek for right things to be done for the welfare of it’s students.



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