14 June 2016

NSS urban traffic personnel want priority in police recruitment

National Service PersonneNational Service Personnel working with the Police under the Urban Traffic Module want preferential treatment for those who want to enlist in the Police Service.

The personnel have argued that, having worked with the Police for almost a year under the module, they have the requisite experience to work as Police Officers.

National Service Personnel under the Urban Traffic Module underwent weeks of training at the Police Training School in Traffic management, security, accident scene management among others to enable them work side by side with Policemen throughout the stipulated national service period.

Speaking to Citi News, the President of the Greater Accra Regional Association of Service Personnel, Stallone Nyarko, said he would be surprised if service personnel under the module were not given priority in recruitment process.

According to him, there should be a system where, “people who have been a part of the Urban Traffic Module and show interest in entering the main Police Force will be given priority because they have had a first feel of police work. They have had practical experience of police work.”

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