26 July 2017

NSS Apologises To Service Personnel Brutalised By Military Officers During Registration Process


The management of the National Service Scheme has rendered an apology to personnel who were brutalised Monday by military officers as they tried to register for the scheme.

In a statement, the scheme described the incident as ‘regrettable’ and extended its apologies to the brutalised personnel as well as to the general public.

“Management wishes to state that the incidents are regrettable, and therefore wishes to apologize to all such national service personnel and the general public for the recorded incidents of congestion which led to the manhandling.” the statement began.

“Management has put in place measures to ease the congestion and therefore wishes to appeal to all national service personnel to remain calm and go through the registration process smoothly,”

The statement was necessitated by Monday’s chaotic registration process at the LADMA Annex office near the El-Wak Sports Stadium in Accra. Military personnel at the scene moved in to create order due to the large number of people coming to register, yet ended up violently assaulting some of them.

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